Monday, March 22, 2010

If i can.. i want to say it out loud...


Ni time ujong2 bulan neh..bese r..keje byk n bertambah bykk..Sambung cite sal HR present aritu...Oke not bad walopon ade la probsnye... ( no komen at all ) :P

Aku xtaw la nape rini tibe2 aku nangis..setelah sekian lama aku xnangis..Mungkin i really2 need some 1 utk cite all of this but i cant..Aku nak cite tapi aku xnk ade sape2 terase sbb aku di dalam ketensenan..Tu lah kot rase cm nk mrh x tntu aku xmrh la..just simpan lam ati..

Ble da jd gini..bende 1st yg aku tingat,kompem la umah..if balik umh aku xla tensen sgt..hehe..yelah leh wat mcm2..leh g jln2..lepak kedai mamak..beshh..xla duk lam bilik 24 jam..sape leh tahan beb..

Okelah..aku ni on9 kat lab..limit pun 1 jam..if nak taip pjg2 pun xsmpat..ahhh..




AEroOLL said...

It makes you wonder how powerless you are once you get to know yourself. From the very moment you know that, you are certainly in ::DANGER:: zone, for you are denying your own right for the sake of others. Or maybe you think for you too.

Crash Crash. Said the broken pieces of heart.

But what to do? Once you are on that state, you know you prefer to seal yourself. Comfort zone is what you will go after, even knowing fully that you are wayyyyyyyy more likely to only survive just another few more times.

It is hard, isn't? To conceal what you really feel with a smile you know it is so fake? The bleeding heart is so deep, that hurts. Hoping for any ointment but none atm can help. Just That One. The impossible one to get.

So what?
What can you do?
What will you say when you know you don't want to let it go?

This is the another danger of being stubborn and ego. For one to become so egocentric as much as this, there must be a solid reason for it.

Fly Fly Fly Away. Restart your life. No? Then endure the pain.


PeAr'sOn said...

HavE u..
Ever be in a situation where you don't know what shall you do to make things right?
Or to make sure you make the right decision, not to regret it later on?
Well, yes, experience is an euphemism of mistakes, and it enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. However, I believe this time, I am not quite sure if I am able to handle the pain. Again.

Call me a loser, I know. And how I know I'll get the advice of 'you are still young' or 'you have so many things ahead so don't worry blablabla' or 'your time is not here yet' yadayada. Believe me, I have tons of that I think it is enough to make me publish a good book on it. Failure, in everything you do, is a teacher, really, -a harsh one, but can be the best. When you make mistakes, you know you will learn from it. But you don't want to forever making mistakes, do you?

Rushing into one thing might be one big fat mistake that I've done few times and I am not going to make it again. On the far side of failure, you can see the success is waving at you, but I believe the sweet little success there also keep on shouting, "Don't rush, give yourself chances to work it out".

I don't think I am good at lying. I failed miserably few times and I don't want to do it again. So yes, I believe I have a problem with my heart. I choose terribly, I think poorly, I cant let myself be too happy as the phobia taught me to always be aware. You cant be too happy, can you? Oh now I sound stupid.

Since when I think it is hurt to be in love?

It is hard to understand a man, harder to understand a woman, hardest to understand yourself. Don't you think so too?

~Nani3@InTaN~ said...

thanks :)

PeAr'sOn a.k.a AEroOLL said...

Those were shared for who i admit as my friend even we did known each other. just believe and be strong, there's a F.R.I.E.N.D.S that always supporting U n hope give u some strength to never give up to move on..peace ya ma friends..

Nanie said...

tq ma friend..event i don noe who r u...hehe