Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tired of love,
Tired of pain,
Tears drop like a heavy rain,
Could not stop coz this is the fate.

Waiting is painful
Teach me to be strong
So i can stand by myself
And smile to the world
Likes nothing can bother me

Love cannot be treasure of
Anyone can fell into
Even only for a seconds,minutes an hours

Sick of love...
Only you have the answer
Is it a dream or reality
Then strive for your love

Yes I will ...

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manje said...

klu dh sick kn beb..

hang xpyh bcinte lor..


tp nk wat mcm ne..

klu hati dh syg..

kite xleh nk stop dr menyayanginye kn..

hope ko kuat r eyh..

~nbv~ said...

ya betoll..lumrah beb..mne leh x..kuikuikui ;p

saya said...

uiks..puisi english..tukar bahasa melayu boleh tak??